Et aussi


My father was an alcoholic and he would get violent and beat up me and my mom. The cops would get called, the neighbors would complain about it and they’d move. He jumped from job to job so we would have to move to be accommodating to his work. Or his work couldn’t pay the rent so we couldn’t afford to live there, so we had to move somewhere else. It was a lot of different things, the reasons why we moved. Still to this day I don’t know all of my multiplication tables. I just don’t. I just missed that school because I went from one school to another school. They were teaching the multiplication tables in one school and I moved to the other and they were already done teaching that. I started having a problem with some of the high school kids because I was a lot smaller than them. They would try to take my stuff from me without paying me.
So I met this woman, she was a lesbian, she was really attractive and like 23, and we started dating. She was 23 and I was 13. She was really big, she wasn’t a feminine lesbian she was like the butch lesbian, she was really big and she was tough. She would go to the school in the morning with me to the high school and make sure no one took my stuff and paid me.

My parents used to go on the truck for three or four days and leave me home alone, and her and her girlfriend would come over. They would bring beer and we would drink and all have sex together, and it was just really crazy.Then when I was like 22, a friend of mine came to me and was like ‘I need your help’ and I was like ‘what’s up’. He said ‘I want to go down to Massachusetts and rob a drug dealer’.
So I was like ‘really’ and he was like ‘yeah’. I was selling drugs so I had guns; I was already into that criminal element. So me him and two other guys drove to Massachusetts and did a home invasion. Went in and duck taped them. Stole their money, stole their drugs and left. It was a good score once we divvied everything up I made about 7,000 dollars for 15 minutes work. And I was like, wow this is great. I would have to sell drugs for two weeks to make this kind of money. So I was instantly hooked on it. I did quite a few more of them. But then people started talking to each other and we got word that there were people waiting for us and if we went down there they were going to kill us. We stopped. We made a lot of money off of them guys. I did probably eight of those robberies and I made a lot of money.